B&O Beotone Home Gym Speakers, Young ones student awards

B&O Beotone Home Gym Speakers, Young ones student awards

CATEGORY: Brief – Bang & Olufsen

Brand Problem: B&O boasts of heritage and luxury, and lives by the culture of creativity and innovation. However, its legacy isn’t recognised by the current generations, who view it as a 70s – 80s symbol of sound.

Brand Strategy: To solve this for B&O, we’ve taken from their lifelong brand belief – Exist to Create. Every piece of sound technology they create is built for the space it will occupy. To perform at the highest level of innovation, and
to stand out not just among competition, but also in the space it resides.

Audience Insight: We speak to people who do more than just go with the flow. They set benchmarks in their field of expertise. Being exclusive is non- negotiable to them. They wish to curate their life with style statements.

Creative Strategy: B&O creates for the space. Living rooms, home theatres, and even high-end cars. There’s one space left unexplored, but cannot exist without music. The home gym. It’s the space is where music and movement
are inevitable interlinked into our day.

Big Idea: B&O launches BeoTone – its new range of home gym sound systems. Exclusively designed for its environment, and crafted to provide a music experience that partners fitness goals. BeoTone YM 20 is an AI-powered yoga mat with in-built speakers and offers a range of features like performance tracking and personalised workout plans.

B&O app helps operate the speakers and yoga mat remotely, and saves preferences. We’ve also created a website launch screen and social media promotion. With BeoTone, B&O will not only enter the lives of the current gen, but it will also step up to own the space of fitness. We can’t imagine working out without music. Why not imagine it with B&O?


STUDENT TEAM: Avishi Rastogi

COLLEGE / UNIVERSITY: Ecole Intuit Lab / Mumbai

Taken from: https://www.oneclub.org/awards/youngones/-award/42327/bo-beotone-home-gym-speakers