Winter and Hot Waters: 6 Argentinian Hot Springs to Keep out the Cold

Winter and Hot Waters: 6 Argentinian Hot Springs to Keep out the Cold

Classic or alternative, here are some of the most beautiful hot springs in the country.

A bathing suit, stunning landscapes, and a change in temperature that makes your skin crawl. Isn’t it the idyllic setting? The cold in the surrounding air changes into heat as soon as your feet come into contact with the water; your body begins to relax; you clear your mind; and you start embodying the definition of wellness, the state of feeling good. That’s what one of the most attractive phenomena in Argentina promises. Out of the 23 provinces, 20 have the most varied options to connect with wellbeing, relaxation, and nature. The effect is immediate: hot springs are a one-way ticket to unwinding from your daily routine and connecting with yourself.

When do the attraction’s origins date back to? Ages ago! Ancient civilizations used this method to prevent and cure diseases. In fact, there are records of this from 200 BC in countries like Greece, Italy, and India. The waters come from underground layers of the Earth, and they emerge to the surface at warm temperatures. On their way, they take several minerals from the soil: iron, sodium, calcium, and magnesium are some of the main figures, highlighting all the benefits they bring to the human body. They improve blood circulation and the metabolic process, eliminate toxins, boost the immune system, increase the production of endorphins, relax tension, and reduce muscle pain. In addition, they are also recommended for people with skin issues.

For years, the Argentinian flag has stood out in Latin America’s thermal universe. With more than 200 venues to enjoy the experience and itineraries ideal to unwind, visiting national hot springs is a must if you are looking forward to distressing and exploring new ways of healing.

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