A Constellation of Stars Shined in Punta Cana with Constellation

A Constellation of Stars Shined in Punta Cana with Constellation

The first official meeting of independent agencies within the Constellation Network took place last Friday, March 18 at the Grand Palladium Resort & Spa Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), where more than 30 managers from 9 countries gathered for an interesting program of conferences and integrative sporting activities.

From hearing each agency speak about its core business, it is clear that there is contagious optimism for 2022. Circle de México presented a novel application that helps quantify and qualify all online or offline media for more successful actions; Oniric spoke of the need to internationalize operations and the importance of understanding the challenges independent industries face in the new post-pandemic reality; WINA was present for a talk in which it provided examples of the importance of narratives when presenting cases; MGC of Chile, launched a new operation in Colombia, and spoke about the importance of public relations (PR) in any creative endeavour; RC Farias and CNM, both of Colombia, agreed on the importance of data as a fundamental pillar of any strategic decision.

During their talk on the correct communication for Health Care, the delegation from MK Media, from Madrid, connected with the attendees through their charisma and content. Óscar Castañeda of Castillo de IF emphasized that ideas are everything in this industry and that the strategy must revolve around them; Brandy of Costa Rica, made it clear that agencies must be part of social change, influencing creativity and the environment; Igloo Lab states that technology should be more relevant to any academic, creative or btl process. Exe of Peru and Connaxis of Bolivia, presented their interesting corporate credentials.

Miguel Ormeño of Olístico was responsible for the event’s emotional high-note, who spoke about all the difficulties and rewards faced by those who dare to create an independent agency.

Among the event attendees were representatives of agencies such as:

Brandy Technology and Creativity (Costa Rica): Juan Ignacio Jimenez, Castillo de If (Guatemala): Oscar Castañeda and Lucía Anleu, Olístico (Peru): Miguel Ormeño, MGC (Chile, Colombia): Tatiana Guioff and Diego Céspedes, Circle Media Agency (Mexico): Mario Huertero and Juan Carlos Rosas, Connaxis (Bolivia, Spain): Alvaro Guzmán, Mario Santacruz, Carlos Torres, Igloo Lab (Colombia): Luis Alfonso Ruiz, Mk Media (Spain): Cristina Tello, Iker Garcia, Manuel Tello, Celina Sabatini, Oscar Sanchez, Reyes Lora, Olga Vazquez, RC Farías (Colombia): Camila Farías and Reini Farias, Consorcio Nacional de Medios (Colombia): Gonzalo Devia, Giovanni Hernandez, William Quiroga, Exe (Peru): Mario Ramos, The Oniric Company (Chile): Pablo Diaz and Juan José Diaz.

About Constellation:

Constellation Global Networks is a community of entrepreneurs, seeking to connect with independent multinational advertising, digital, public relations and specialized agencies and networks, to do business and form alliances and strategic representations.

Its main objective is to generate commercial spaces and seek initiatives to encourage business, as well as networking and training that make the independent industry more competitive from a private model.

More Information: https://www.constellation.network/