Cannes Calling: VML’s Global Creatives Join Juries

Cannes Calling: VML’s Global Creatives Join Juries

VML celebrates outstanding team members representing at the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival. “We are thrilled to announce that several of our exceptional global creative leaders will be serving as Cannes Lions Awarding Jury members and Cannes Lions Shortlisting Jury members at this year’s highly anticipated 2024 Cannes Lions Festival. This is a testament to the remarkable talent and dedication within the VML family”. 

VML 2024 Cannes Lions Awarding Jury Members

  • Debbi Vandeven: Global Chief Creative Officer, VML – Titanium President
  • Natxo Diaz: Global Head of Craft, VML Spain, Health – Pharma
  • Christian “Tin” Sanchez: Chief Creative Officer, VML Peru – Outdoor
  • Sumara Osario: Chief Strategy Officer, VML Brazil – Creative Strategy
  • Manuel Bordé: Global CCO, VML NY, Commerce – Creative Commerce
  • Josh Loebner: Global Head of Inclusive Design, VML US – Innovation
  • Christina Miller: Head of Social, VML London – Social & Influencer
  • Mukund Olety: Chief Creative Director, VML India – Health & Wellness
  • Paul Nagy: Chief Creative Officer, VML APAC – Film
  • Chaffic Haddad: Chief Creative Director, VML MENA – Entertainment

VML 2024 Cannes Lions Shortlisting Jury Members

  • Didi Pirinyuang: Chief Creative Officer, VML Malaysia – Brand Experience & Activation
  • Daniel Payan: Chief Creative Officer, VML Colombia – Design
  • Marielle Wilsdorf: Chief Creative Officer, Scholz & Friends, Germany – Direct
  • Nino Goldberg: Chief Creative Officer, VML Argentina – Film
  • Ana Rocha: Executive Creative Director, VML South Africa – Outdoor
  • Raimundo Undurraga: Executive Director, VML Chile – Print & Publishing

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