High Potentials 2023 was a success

High Potentials 2023 was a success

The High Potentials Programme is an exciting event of talent scouting designed by ADCE which showcases a selection of the most talented European young creatives, while at the same time it invites agencies and design studios that are looking for fresh and diverse new talents. A unique opportunity to identify and secure the creative minds that will shape the future of the creative industry.

This year’s edition gathered the best 50 young creatives in Europe and offered them the opportunity to present their best work on stage, in no more than 5 minutes, in front of agencies and studios looking for new talents. Agencies also hopped on stage to share their key points, current needs and recruiting methods. The 2-day event was open to the public, and took place in Barcelona from the 18th to the 19th of May. It included inspiring workshops and ended on a speed dating session.

A springboard for talent. A vein of gold for scouts.

Selected participants 2023

Alexander Nemec – Werbe Akademie Vienna
Denise Hödl – University of Applied Sciences Salzburg
Jana Windhaber – Universität Innsbruck, Austria
Julian Treczokat – Werbe Akademie Vienna
Kilian Held – Meisterklasse der Höhere Graphische Bundes- und Lehranstalt
Mariam Ali – Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt, Vienna
Sophia Höretzeder – Art University Linz

Simona Gvozdeykova – National Art Academy, Sofia

Antreas Mouskou – Falmouth University/Coventry university

Uku Art Mikkin – Estonian Academy of Arts

Janika Keskitalo – Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Claudia Venturini
Jonas Martiny – University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern
Moritz Till – University of Applied Science Kaiserslautern
Rafter Manguiat – Miami Ad School Europe, Germany

Janine Leahy – The Limerick School of Art & Design, TUS

Annamaria Palatucci – IUAD – Accademia della Moda, Naples
Edoardo Serafini – IED Milano
Eduardo Pellegrino – IED Milano
Elisa Casè – Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione
Francesco Liguori – Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione
Gaia Lascala – Fondazione Accademia di Comunicazione
Marco De Salvo – Accademia di Comunicazione, Milano
Mattia Grassi – Accademia di Comunicazione, Milano

Morta Vileikytė – Vilnius Academy of Arts, Lithuania
Paula Stankiute – Vytautas Magnus University/The Atomic Garden Vilnius
Petras Tursa – The Atomic Garden Vilnius
Sabina Zakharchenko – The Atomic Garden Vilnius
Saulė Igarytė – Norwich University of the Arts/ The Atomic Garden Vilnius

Mariana Silva – ETIC (Escola de Tecnologia Inovação e Criação)

Daria Krasovskaya – Comenius University

Žan Girandon – Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Aleix Lluch – LCI, Barcelona
Berta Arnó – Bau, College of Arts & Design Barcelona
Candela Rivera – LCI, Barcelona
Carlos Álvarez Jiménez – Elisava, Barcelona
Clara Colace – Escola Espai, Barcelona
Helena Elizondo – Elisava, Barcelona
Júlia Albesa – Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull
Lucas Arredondo – Brother Madrid Creative School
Lucero Soria – Brother Madrid Creative School
Maria Salvador – Bau, College of Arts & Design Barcelona
Michelle Telkamp – LCI, Barcelona
Pol Pastor Molina – Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull
Rubén Asensio Poveda – LCI, Barcelona
Sara Barcons – Elisava, Barcelona
Silvia Vallhonrat – Bau, College of Arts & Design Barcelona
Zenghao Jiang – Blanquerna, Universitat Ramon Llull

Giulia Poloniato – Berghs School of Communication, Sweden

Elena Clavadetscher – Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK)

Patricija Pažus – Nottingham Trent University

Olena Danylchenko – Kyiv Academy of Media Arts

Taken from: https://www.adceurope.org/education/high-potentials/