Introducing Dentsu Creative’s 2023 CMO Report: Creativity at acrossroads

Introducing Dentsu Creative’s 2023 CMO Report: Creativity at acrossroads

Dentsu Creative’s 2023 Global CMO Report, ‘Creativity at a Crossroads’, reveals optimism from today’s marketing decision makers in the face of change and challenge. Using data from a survey of 700 CMOs and senior marketers in the US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, India, Italy, and Spain, the report has identified eight key themes which show that despite being an industry at a crossroads, it is one empowered by creativity and technology.

“Creativity at a Crossroads dives deep into the hearts and minds of marketers today. From embracing the ‘Frenemy at the Gate’ that is AI, to their resolute belief that advertising can be a force for good, this report shows that CMOs remain both optimistic about the future and committed to the transformative power of creativity, with 85% believing that creativity is a catalyst for economic growth, rising to 94% in the US” says Julie Scelzo, Global Clients Chief Creative Officer

Amidst volatilities of the modern world, such as climate change, inflation, and geopolitical instability, CMOs are focusing on the things they can control. Their number one concern for 2023, and as they look ahead to 2030, is owning and connecting with their audience in a world where third parties often seem to hold the cards.

Patricia McDonald, Dentsu Creative’s Chief Strategy Officer and lead author on the report observes “To own the audience, we need to connect in the spaces and places that matter most to them. The challenge is that audiences are changing: They have new expectations, new behaviors, and new values shaped by a deeply connected world. Their expectations have soared while their attention has polarised-they can dive deeper than ever into the things they love and find it easier than ever to ignore the things they don’t. So, brands must be built in new ways through experiences, through culture, and through action. The choice is simple: engage or be ignored”.

Cheuk Chiang, CEO, Dentsu Creative APAC said “Creativity matters. It’s a powerful economic multiplier that when done well, is a competitive advantage allowing brands to better connect in a marketplace with multiple choice and multiple connection points. We believe that great ideas can live anywhere and the power of horizontal creativity and the Dentsu Creative model, working hand in glove with media and loyalty platforms can deliver seamless connected solutions that become the oxygen for growth. This study further proves the interconnected world brands need to play in and the new and innovative approaches CMOs recognise they need to take to thrive.”

Written in collaboration with leaders across the Dentsu Creative global network, the report’s eight themes allow CMOs to benchmark their areas of focus against their peers, such as whether their investments in technologies and platforms are keeping pace with the industry, and whether they hold similar views on the fundamentals of marketing in 2023 and beyond.

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