PRovoke Global Summit 2023: Thoughtful Discussions on AI, Ageism & Authentic Communication

PRovoke Global Summit 2023: Thoughtful Discussions on AI, Ageism & Authentic Communication

MSL attended the 2023 PRovoke Global Summit earlier this month in Washington, D.C. Both days were packed with sessions on topics spanning from everything AI, to global affairs, leading with purpose and more. Panelists and speakers were not afraid to touch on tough topics, from the realities of DEI and inclusivity in action, ageism and other forms of discrimination, and issues facing workers across industries today.

By Talya Ehrenstein, Account Supervisor, Corporate Health

Delegates from team MSL recently attended the 2023 PRovoke Global Summit for two action-packed days of learning from the best in the biz – including some amazing PR students through our #MSLearners program!

It was a welcome challenge to distill the biggest takeaways given the depth and breadth of everything discussed, but a few things rose to the top:

There is no one brand, corporation or agency that has cracked AI – but when it comes to using it, trust and transparency is the name of the game.  

  • Nick Thompson, CEO of The Atlantic noted that the nature of generative AI means the internet is going to become more and more of a low-trust environment. We’ve become more comfortable counseling clients about the dangers of misinformation and outlining ways to combat the spread of false narratives in the news, but new technologies, including AI, can make this information even harder to spot, and harder to address and correct.

There’s plenty of talk about reaching Gen Z audiences (and increasingly, Gen Alpha) – but consumers over 50 are too often forgotten.  

  • Our population is getting older, and people 50+ are a huge, and growing, segment of our population. When thinking about how to best reach our audiences, we need to be mindful of who exactly we are picturing and actively work to combat potential biases. People of all ages use the technologies, products and services that we promote, and neglecting this segment of the population is a mistake.

Fighting hate starts with acknowledging humanity – and speaking out for what’s right is a business imperative.  

  • We are often responsible for counseling clients on how to respond to crisis situations that are personally impactful to us. Some leaders choose to remove themselves from these conversations entirely, some comment consistently and as we know, most fall somewhere in between. Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt noted: “people in positions of authority need to be accountable to a shared set of values,” and we need to do our part to encourage authentic, human responses that stay true to leaders and their companies.

Looking forward to seeing what unfolds as we close out 2023 and enter a new year full of brand-new challenges and opportunities!

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