Representing the latin power in Europe

Representing the latin power in Europe

Berlin, Germany. Luis Paulo Gatti Sr. Creative at BBDO & Instructor & Coordinator at Miami ad School Brazil

Tomilli: Is there a great difference between Latin and European art direction?

I believe that there is more about a difference in the way of working. I realize that in the Brazilian industry, the art director has a concern that starts with the conception of the idea. In Europe and especially in the Middle East, this is something that is seen closer to the production moment.

Do you keep your Latin roots throughout your art direction or have you had to adapt?

Of course I do! Is very important to understand the local culture, as well as all the behavior of consumers of different products and services, however if they wanted they could hire a local person. I believe that hiring people from different regions is a natural way to bring different insights, as they are outsiders interpreting what local people experience throughout their lives. Furthermore, I love my culture very much and I am proud “por ser latino”.

Is Latin art direction popular in Europe?

In Europe and anywhere in the world. What we do differently is that we put passion in everything we do. This is evidently reflected in the final quality of the work.

How is Latin creativity perceived in Europe? What about the Brazilian creativity?

It is really nice and I am glad for that. There is always some Brazilian / Latino in the agencies and this makes the pleasure of venturing into different countries an even more wonderful experience. In my case, I am very grateful for the opportunity to get to know Europe and the local culture better. They are great people and although we miss home we really like to be here.

Your agency has been at several international festivals, for example it will now participate in WINA 2021. What do you recommend to agencies when selecting the cases that they will submit for consideration at festivals?

Make your entries based on a very important point: Does she really have the potential to win, or are you selecting the project because you have an affinity with it?

What is the most common error you have identified among the cases submitted for festivals?

I could point out some but I believe that the main thing is the lack of quality in the production of the presentation of the projects. It is a pity to see good ideas badly produced.

From your perspective, what is the current trend among the most popular and award-winning cases submitted to festivals?

Advertising remains what it has always been: relevance between product (message) and its audience. It’s a shame to see so many advertisements that we just want to skip YouTube.

If I had to give an adivice, I would tell to who is reading this article, to be aware of the game industry.