Stepping into a new world

Stepping into a new world

Hungary, Budapest. Angelica Espinosa, Head of art at Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest

Advertising is changing. More people are moving their lives online, and brands need to keep up and go digital. I felt a bit scared and skeptical to move from traditional advertising to the digital model. It was ambitious at the time, but it paid off.

I have been working in this industry across different fields for more than 15 years, in branding, packing, editorial design, BTL, ATL and I faced all the challenges of the time. I finally found my place at Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest, where I became fascinated with the digital advertising world.

Our Pampers Start-Up team at Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest leaped at the chance to help the brand excel in the digital realm. As the Pampers Start-Up team’s head of art, I also jumped into this new and exciting area, where we faced new and different challenges.

In the digital realm, the world moves faster, and there is so much data available now. Our team had to become agile to keep up with the customer needs, changing technology, shorter attention spans, and an overload of information on the market. Knowing and using the right platforms and tools allows brands to have close and personalized communication.

We accepted the challenges of digital advertising. We must grab the user’s attention, bring the brand message to them, and generate an immediate reaction, plus make it native to the digital platform we use. This is the beauty of our work: To produce assets creative enough to engage and enticing enough to get an immediate response. Combine these creatives with the power of data, and we find we can reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Meeting the Pampers Start-Up Team

At Saatchi & Saatchi Budapest, we have a whole floor devoted to Pampers. All the workstreams work on different sections of the brand’s digital ecosystem, but we’re one big family. We no longer have the division that creatives are creatives, accounts are accounts, and clients are clients. Our departments work together to make the Pampers brand experience the best. Our mission in Pampers Club is to make the parenting journey better.

Here’s a little about our setup and how we work along the consumer journey.

  • Content team. This team writes carefully researched SEO (search engine optimized) articles to deliver valuable content to parents. Search brings parents to the Pampers website, to our content, which also brings them back to the site more than once. We can use this platform to encourage parents to continue their Pampers journey and download the Pampers Club app.
  • The acquisition team creates digital toolkits for various social platforms to encourage users to try the Pampers Club app and educate them on its benefits.
  • Product team. This is the team that handles the Pampers Club app itself, from UX design to microcopy. They ensure the user experience is on point for the user, so they keep coming back.
  • 1-1 Activation. This is our in-app communication with the user. We offer personalized offers, useful content, and more. Our aim to make the Pampers Club App users generate engagement and retention with valuable content, offers, incentives, and rewards.
  • ECRM. Our eCRM program helps us keep in touch with the users through email, keeping them up to date with offers, articles, and encourage more to engage with the platform. We also have the goal here to deliver valuable content for new parents.

My role at the Pampers Start-Up team is to oversee all the above teams’ visual direction, except the product team. Right now, my team and I are engaging 4.2 million parents with work across three channels—website content and email, social media advertising, and in-app-messaging—for the world’s biggest baby care brand.

Thinking about the future

We spend hours scrolling through social media, browsing the web, more than watching TV these days. People drive by a billboard and forget it in minutes, but a digital ad? I don’t want to say the traditional advertising is dying, I just say we need to be updated, move faster and keep up with new technologies. Digital is a huge playground. We need to be up to date with all trends and new platforms so we can get closer to the user with valuable and relevant content. With one click, we can engage with our users within seconds and generate an immediate reaction.

Combining creativity, data, and performance, we can reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. With this strategy, we saw more engagement and conversion. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few numbers:

  • The website saw more than 2,000,000 organic sessions for our content in June 2020.
  • The content on the website saw an increase of 350% traffic month on month.
  • In acquisition, just by adapting our assets to show users how to scan receipts to get rewards, there were 25,000 new app downloads.
  • Our in-app messaging gives users a personalized message, and we targeted parents with babies about to grow into another size with a cash back incentive to go a size up; we saw a 6% conversion rate.

In almost 4 years, the Pampers start-up team has grown significantly with this new model, and we are as creative as ever. This offers a new agile method for creativity that points to the future of advertising. But the growth is not over yet. As a team, we need to keep up with the latest digital developments and keep on innovating. That’s our secret: Our ability to learn and grow.