The heart of creativity lies in experimenting

The heart of creativity lies in experimenting

Fabio Wanderley, Agência SALA

Your agency had a surprising debut at WINA Dubai, taking home 4 medals. How did the advertisers behind these successful campaigns respond to the news?

We had been following the WINA Festival for a considerable period, yet had not gathered the confidence to participate until now. This marked not only our inaugural presence at WINA but also our first foray onto the international festival stage.

Both: us and our clients were genuinely thrilled. The campaigns had solid strategic foundations, and the fact that our creativity had such a tangible impact on their businesses was incredibly rewarding. Our clients were as excited about the ads as we were – it’s a true partnership in action.

Do agencies make pieces designed specifically for festivals? Or, do they just focus on the creative process, and the award is just a bonus?

Awards aren’t really our main focus when we kick off a project. We’re a small agency that’s all about getting results with a creative twist. Our motto is “Assertive Creativity,” and that’s our driving force. We start by identifying the best ways to connect with the audience and then let the creative sparks fly. We encourage everyone to contribute creative ideas, and having a diverse team from different parts of the country helps us see things from all angles. The heart of creativity lies in experimenting, researching, and truly understanding the market and our client’s needs. When we combine all that into killer ideas that smash our client’s goals; that’s the real win for us. And getting global recognition for that? It’s like icing on the cake.

How do you decide whether a campaign is worth signing up for a festival?

A smart, straightforward idea with an extra layer of visual appeal. When conversations, shares, and discussions about the campaign permeate both social media and real-life interactions, it signifies that we possess something worth showcasing.

Do you want to keep growing?

Ah, that’s an interesting question. We might be a small-town agency from Jaguariúna, Brazil, but that doesn’t mean we’re not aiming high. We want to keep evolving while staying true to our values and culture. No matter our size, one thing’s for sure – we’ll keep pushing ourselves to deliver top-notch strategies to our clients.

How do you envision the agency in 10 years?

Fast forward ten years, and you’ll find us twice as seasoned as we are now. We started out as a creative duo – me and my business counterpart, Leopoldo Azevedo – and it took us a solid three years to bring in our first intern. Our growth has been steady and confident (we are a team of 19 now). Looking ahead, we’ll be diving into new tools and media channels, exploring avenues we can’t even imagine yet. But the core of what we do – amazing ideas, strong concepts, and storytelling mastery – that’s the foundation that’ll stay strong, no matter how people are consuming content.