Explore the charms: Valparaiso

Explore the charms: Valparaiso

Bohemian and colorful, Valparaiso’s maze of hills has long inspired poets and writers. You’ll discover something new at every turn: a gem of a building, a remarkable art gallery or some little gastronomic ‘find’.

Revel in the crazy architecture of this World Heritage City. Stroll along its narrow streets, climb its endless staircases, ride its historic funicular elevators and enjoy panoramic views from its many lofty lookout points. Feel the excitement in the air at one of the city’s many carnivals, or celebrate New Year in spectacular style at Valparaiso’s ocean-front fireworks party.

Don’t forget to explore the port and fishing wharves, where you’ll get a real feel for Chile’s quirky seafaring side. Buy or sample freshly-caught seafood at the market and enjoy the fishermen’s banter!

The ‘Jewel of the Pacific,’ as Valparaíso is known, is also home to Chile’s legislative Congress and the headquarters of the Chilean navy. Admire these historic buildings and soak up the country’s maritime history!

Alegre and Concepcion Hills 

Discover the stories hidden in Valparaíso’s stairways, funiculars, and picturesque houses. Take the El Peral funicular, where you will be greeted by the beautiful Yugoslavo Boulevard with the magnificent Baburizza Palace, home of the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Delight yourself with the exquisite dishes prepared by fresh seafood restaurants.

Connect with Cerro Concepción through Montealegre Street and marvel at the striking La Santa Cruz Lutheran church. That is where the Dimalow promenade begins, where you can relax in beautiful boutique hotels.

La Sebastiana, House – Museum of Pablo Neruda

Enjoy the spectacular view of the Valparaiso Bay from the top of Bellavista Hill. Take in the colors and the quaint houses that breathe life into Chile’s main port.

Discover the best kept secrets of renowned Chilean poet Pablo Neruda in his house-museum, La Sebastiana, a 4 floor building which was the poet’s hideout. Iconic for the port, be taken away by its decor and collectibles, which Neruda gathered on his trips around the world. Come and relive the Nobel Prize winner’s life, surrounded by memories and nostalgia.

Ruta ascensores

Valparaiso invites you to visit its hills, but it doesn’t want you to get tired out! Step onto its famous funiculars (elevators built on rail tracks) and visit the heights of the main port. Take the Artilleria Funicular up to Paseo 21 de Mayo to enjoy a privileged view of the bay.

If you are an astronomy enthusiast, discover where the first astronomical observatory was built when stepping off the Cordillera Funicular. Lose yourself on the famous Alegre Hill and its Paseo Yugoslavo when you step onto funicular El Peral. Discover the beauty of the “Pacific Jewel” while riding a funicular; it is certainly the best way to start!

Sotomayor Square

A must-see when visiting Valparaiso is the Sotomayor Square (Plaza Sotomayor), known for its eye-catching monument dedicated to the seamen who lost their lives in the Iquique Naval Battle.

This greatly patriotic site is surrounded by heritage buildings. Take a break in the area’s beautiful cafés and look out at the port and its ships.

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