Good vibes are profitable!

Good vibes are profitable!

Regina, Canada. Pam Klein, President at Phoenix Group

Tomilli: How do you manage to have a pleasant atmosphere in a business as stressful as advertising?

The members of our staff are number one. We support our staff with:

  • Flexible time
  • Options to work from home which was stimulated by the pandemic and remained
  • Offer wellness days which are days off for the staff to use throughout the year for whatever reason (in addition to vacation days)
  • Provide rewarding work
  • Discourage overtime

In addition, we are a values based agency. Our values shape what we do, how we do it and who we do it with.

Is a good vibe profitable? What cases or examples with results could you share with us of  this profitability?

This relates to question 1. If you have a satisfied, fulfilled, supported and well compensated team the good vibes are there. Exceptional work follows. Profitability is the net benefit. Good vibes are profitable!

How do you pass this vision on to your clients?

We practice what we preach. We solicit feedback. We foster honest and direct comunication. Ultimately their positive results are the testament.

Why do you think there is so much gender imbalance in advertising globally?

Speaking for our agency there is gender balance and equity. It was not the case a decade ago. It is a conscious business decision to hire the best and in doing so, be inclusive.

How do you close this gap?

A suggestion for those who don’t have gender balance it needs to become an agency priority. Making equity, diversity and inclusion a priority is the beginning of affecting change. For me it is more than gender balance. If it doesn’t matter to your agency it won’t change. To reflect our society the industry must be more inclusive.

What advice would you give to the directors of agencies that follow us?

Know the differentiator and the expertise. Know what you value. Hire the best talent.

You have been invited as a judge representing Canada in the Wina Festival. What do you think about the fact that a global advertising festival for independent agencies now exists?

The Wina Festival presents an opportunity for broader perspectives to be represented and shared. It presents opportunity for broader learning. It presents a platform to see the best in our industry that    may not otherwise be seen.