It’s important for every campaign to have a relatable, yet memorable message

It’s important for every campaign to have a relatable, yet memorable message

Grand Forks, USA. Dave Gilbert,  President at Stray Media Group.

Why is creativity a boost for Stray Media Group?

Creativity is at the foundation of what we do as a marketing agency. It’s the fuel that keeps our ideas fresh for our clients so they can reach their goals. Whether we are creating a business card, brainstorming a new campaign, writing blogs, designing a brochure, or building a website, our creativity allows us to reimagine dynamic ways to elevate our clients’ brands and create opportunities for them to authentically engage with their customers.

What does the phrase “Give the people what they want” mean in a market that is so diverse?

When our clients approach us, it’s because they want to work with marketing experts who are going to help them increase their profits and determine the best way to communicate about their brand, products, or services. We work with them to articulate what they want their customers to know and create an effective strategy to get their message in front of the right people. Our clients come from a variety of industries, but one thing they have in common is that they want quality advertising, public relations, and marketing services, and we use our combined years of experience and talents to ensure we achieve this for them.

How can you achieve strategies that are attractive to large majority?

We spend a tremendous amount of time learning our clients and their customers so we can produce work that appeals to the most people. However, our team has found in recent years that because of the internet, it’s more effective for our clients to communicate directly with their customers using digital marketing strategies that target specific groups rather than marketing to a large majority. In the modern marketing world, brands that speak directly to their consumers are far more likely to make a sale because their business sought to make a meaningful connection with them. If a brand does want to market to a wide group of people, it’s important for every campaign to have a relatable, yet memorable message and clean, attractive design.

Could it be said that the current consumer base is the most demanding in history?

Modern consumers are certainly the most informed, opinionated, and outspoken. Marketing is in the hands of the people now because there is more two-way communication between brands and consumers, especially on social media. Companies are more accessible than ever, and consumers often seize that opportunity to engage with them. We at Stray Media Group see this as an opportunity for our clients to create authentic interactions with their consumers, maintain a positive brand image, and increase their bottom line.

What do you think about the format created by WINA, a festival that in only 5 editions has revolutionized the traditional festival format?

Even though the festival takes place halfway across the world, the format has made it easy for me to participate in the advertising industry on a global scale. The submissions are incredibly inspiring, and although the strategies and messaging vary widely by culture, it is cool that all of them have a universal goal to connect with people. We are tremendously grateful for the opportunity to participate in WINA and represent our city, state, and nation!