BBDO Bangkok Develops A Series Of “Ads That Save You”, Literally

BBDO Bangkok Develops A Series Of “Ads That Save You”, Literally

With insurance companies’ purpose to “save you” financially from life’s unexpected events, Roojai Online Insurance has taken things up a notch by creating a series of “Ads That Save You,” – and, literally that’s what they serve to do.  

Insurance ads can tend to be a bit drab and boring, and creating the right ad campaign with a message and pitch that connects with consumers from all walks of life can be tricky. By drawing upon the industry’s core purpose, – to help people financially save themselves against life’s uncertainties, BBDO Bangkok and Roojai Online Insurance came up with the idea of creating ads that would, in themselves, act to do so– “save you” from life’s uncertainties.  

Besides offering a suite of services to save customers from financial loss in the event of a car accident or sudden illness, Roojai Online Insurance gives customers the chance to also save up to 30%. Reminding consumers of these “saving” experiences was critical to the campaign’s success. 

So far two online films have been launched, both directed by Thailand’s top director “Un- Wuthisak Anarkaporn” from Factory 01, a production company that just won silver and bronze at Cannes Lions 2022. 

The first ad “This Ad Saves Your Emotions”, was developed following research showing that green colours with wavelengths of 505 to 550 nanometres can actually relax the nervous system. As a result, the first ad had over 50 shades of green within a wavelength of 505-550 nanometres.  

“This Ad Saves Your Emotions”:

“Our team has never sounded nerdier than when we spent a week discussing green shades in nanometres,” added Thasorn Boonyanate, BBDO Bangkok’s Chief Creative Officer.  

The second ad “This Ad Saves Your Ears,” was created knowing that most commercials use loud music, sound effects, and voice-overs and that this constant exposure to loud sounds can damage our ears. 

“We decided to record whispering voiceovers with a binaural microphone, the first time ever in Thailand. Although the voice seemed lower, the volume is the same as you’d find in a regular ad as to avoid people thinking their phone, laptop, or TV is broken,” added Thasorn Boonyanate. 

“This Ad Saves Your Ears”:

Nicolas Faquet, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Roojai Company Limited added, “we allow customers to choose an insurance plan that suits their lifestyle, and additional benefits to help customers save more along the driving journey and in doing this, they can also save money by not paying for unnecessary services. Our latest campaign and series of advertisements allow us to communicate what we stand for in new and exciting ways.” 

This campaign’s first batch of online films is just the beginning of many more to come. Out-of-home ads, designed to save drivers on the road, like digital billboards with cute cats to save you stress on the road, mupi posters with shortcut signage to save you time navigating, and bus wraps featuring meme games to save you from boredom during traffic jams are coming soon. In the loop is also a night-time radio ad designed to save drivers from turning drowsy by keeping them awake. 

It’s said that when you see an insurance ad, it’s when you crash your car or need your package deal extended. It’s so true huh? With this idea of “Ads that save you,” we’re not just making insurance visible, but we are giving away free protection ads that everyone can experience across various touch points,” says Thasorn Boonyanate, BBDO Bangkok’s Chief Creative Officer.  


Chief Creative Officer: Thasorn Boonyanate

Creative Director: Rook Floro

Copywriter: Worrawan Chailert, Supalerk Silarangsri

Art Director: Pattanapond Ketrathon, Narakorn Puechngen, Todsapon Sripuvatanik
Group Business Director: Taksina Vasaruchapong
Group Account Director: Mira Komolwanich
Account Executive: Pornchanok Wuttitanakorn
Head of Brand and Digital Planning: Prasit Kunanuphanchai
Project Manager: Thananya Tagoporn

Agency producer: Yada Buachan

Production Company: Factory01
Film Director: Wuthisak Anarnkaporn
Film Producer: Warunthorn Charnjitkusol

Film Producer: Rungtawan Nanthasaen

Director of Photography: Pasit Tandechanurat

Assistant Film Director: Mattanee Uajarernsup

Assistant Film Director: Wityawat Lakam
Film Art Director: Wanlop Plumsee
Post Producer: Wipawee Khirirat
Editor: Sippanart Olarnsaritkul
Editing Company: Matad
Sound Studio: Mellow tunes

Composer: Artit Vongmetta