The world-first, voice-activated and hands-free public toilet

The world-first, voice-activated and hands-free public toilet

<Hi Toilet> Inspiration for the VOICE COMMAND toilet resulted from research into the lengths people go to, to avoid contact when using the conventional public toilets.

Hi Toilet, was designed to provide clean, safe and a pleasant experience while using public toilet. The facility is fully voice-activated and hands-free; from opening and closing the stall door, flush and bidet functions, to handwashing and even ambient music is all operated by voice.

Pure white and spherical in design create the image of a clean fresh waterdrop or even a futuristic spaceship but aside from the aesthetic effects, the spherical roof/ceiling prevents odors from collecting in one place and allows for a freer flow of air.

This project by The Nippon Foundation aims for the realization of a society where all kinds of diversity are accepted, by building public toilets. With the full cooperation of Shibuya city, 17 toilets that are accessible for anyone regardless of gender, age, or disability will be created. Through the power of design and the creativity of 16 creators who support the objectives of this project, The Nippon Foundation is demonstrating what this new society can achieve. The toilets will be constructed by DAIWA HOUSE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., and TOTO LTD. will advise on toilet equipment and layout.


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