“The Missing Review”: A New Campaign by Republica Havas, in Collaboration with Amigos For Kids

“The Missing Review”: A New Campaign by Republica Havas, in Collaboration with Amigos For Kids

The interactive campaign uses Google and Yelp reviews to help locate missing children and raise awareness .

“The Missing Review” is a new and interactive ad campaign that ingeniously employs reviews on Google and Yelp, where 88% of internet users search for recommendations and ratings. It aims to strategically add information about missing children to five-star reviews for establishments located in the vicinity of where these children were last seen in hopes of spreading the word in the local community, prompting a broader search of their whereabouts and, ultimately, improving their chances of returning home.

“We’re taking advantage of the digital landscape to reach a wide audience and get communities across the U.S. involved in this critical effort — to find our missing children and bring them back quickly and safely into the arms of their loved ones,” said Karina Pavone, President and CEO of Amigos For Kids. “Republica Havas’ novel use of digital platforms has quickly proven a more dynamic and engaging approach than traditional awareness methods such as billboards and posters. Business owners have already started to recognize and support the campaign, and their participation further underlines its impact and reach.”

For the launch, the campaign is focused on the five states with the highest rate of missing children cases: Florida, California, Texas, Ohio and New York. To date, it has generated thousands of views and more than 10 million impressions over the past two weeks.

“The truth is, I couldn’t be happier with this campaign, but of course not about the sad reality that prompted it,” said Tony Waissmann, Chief Creative Officer at Republica Havas. “Ideas like the one for ‘The Missing Review’ are such that when they arise, you first have to wonder if it is even possible to do something like that. In fact, we had to do it twice because the first time, both platforms took us down on the same day. But the important thing is to continue looking for a way and, on the second attempt, we achieved it and surpassed wide expectations. What happened was enormous, and we were able to use a medium in a way for which it was never intended, which was one of the great successes of the campaign. Being in a space where millions of people are already in search mode and putting the missing children there at the same time, I think, was the key. Millions of people are looking for all kinds of things, and we get in there so that they, too, can help us look for a missing child. This is where everything worked, as you can see in the campaign.”

Founded in 1991, Amigos For Kids is a 501 nonprofit corporation dedicated to preventing child abuse and neglect by valuing children, strengthening families and educating communities.

“Our creative teams have developed a truly unique and interactive campaign that has quickly proven to be hugely successful and poised for expansion. So far, we’ve garnered strong engagement, inspiring an overwhelmingly positive response and exceeding all participation expectations,” said Jorge A. Plasencia, Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO of Republica Havas. “Since launching our agency 17 years ago, we’ve proudly partnered with Amigos For Kids. We continue to support their cause and share in their mission to support and strengthen families.”