Discover the Agencies of the Year in America, Ranked by results from 89 Festivals

Discover the Agencies of the Year in America, Ranked by results from 89 Festivals

59 countries were considered, 89 local, international and specialized festivals, and 1,190 agencies were studied, all of which had won at least one award in the time period under consideration: September 1st/2019 – November 15th/2020. Discover below, some of the most relevant conclusions:

Rankings of the countries with the most awards received by independent agencies:

1 USA 665
2 Spain 294
3 Russia 285
4 Germany 263
5 Mexico 210
6 United Kingdom 206
7 Canada 202
8 Chile 180
9 Austria 118
10 Brazil 112
11 Colombia 95
12 Ukraine 90
13 Sweden 72
14 Netherlands 63
15 Argentina 56
16 Other countries 621

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Graph 1 awards by country America and Europe

This study presents interesting variables that it took into consideration for its analysis; such as, the development of the independent industry in each market and the strength of the countries’ economies to invest in awards and festival culture, where it is worth noting the successful participation in advertising events in the United States, Spain, Russia and Germany.

Independent Agencies that were awarded by country / Europe:

Graph 2 Number of awarded agencies per country in Europe

Independent Agencies that were awarded by country / America:

Graph 2 Number of awarded agencies per country in America

Top10 de festivales que más premios entregaron a las agencias independientes:

The following festivals handed out the most to independent agencies. It is worth noting that there are local festivals and associations on the list, as well as specialized festivals; others like Cannes do not appear on the list, because they were not able to hold their event this year or because its 2019 edition was not carried out within the TopFICE study period (Sep 1, 2019 to Nov 15, 2029).

1 Summit International Awards 2020 415
2 New York Festivals 2020 253
3 FIP 2019 231
4 Cresta Awards 2020 170
5 WINA 2020 127
6 Achap Chile 2019 113
7 Circulo de Oro México 2020 112
8 White Square 2020 110
9 El Ojo de Iberoamerica 2019 108
10 Creative Club 2020 102


USA: Still the largest independent power

Undoubtedly, the United States is consolidated as the benchmark country for the independent creative industry worldwide, not only because of the quantity and quality of companies in the industry, but also because of their prominence in different festivals around the world.

Given the size of the North American market, for the United States TopFICE carried out a review by State, managing to find the most prominent agencies in each of them.

Discover the agencies recognized as the highlight of the year in the United States in TopFICE 2020:

USA Agencies of the Year TopFICE

Moses Creative Agency of the year Arizona
Stray Media Group Creative Agency of the year North Dakota
Lerma Multicultural Agency of the year Texas
Alexander & Turner Healthcare Design Studio of the year Florida
Solstice Productions Producer of the year Missouri
Third Wave Digital Digital Agency of the year Georgia


Top 5 Creative Agencies in the United States

1 72andSunny
2 We Believers
3 Wieden+Kennedy
4 Innocean Worldwide
5 Brunner


Top 5 Agencies in America

1 72andSunny USA
2 We Believers USA
3 Zulu Alpha Kilo Canadá
4 Don Argentina
5 Tech and Soul Brasil


14 categories studied:

In addition to recognizing the Creative Agency of the Year, TopFICE will nominate other important categories such as: Media Agency of the Year, Public Relations Agency of the Year,  Digital Agency of the Year, Digital Marketing Agency of the Year, BTL/Promo Agency of the Year, Politics Marketing Agency of the Year, Effective Agency of the Year, Decentralized Agency of the Year, Advertising/Communications Faculty of the Year, OOH Agency of the Year, Social Agency of the Year, Healthcare Design Agency/Studio of the Year.

About Podium Data / TopFICE:

TopFICE / Podium Data is an organization created in 2011, without sponsorships or participation of traditional holding companies, seeks impartiality and objectivity, so that advertisers, media, suppliers and the advertising industry in general, know more about who is who in the Creative Industry of Europe and the Americas.

This is the first edition of TopFICE for Europe and North America and the third edition for Latin America. Learn more about TopFICE and discover the most prominent agencies in America and Europe at