Get to know the Luum Awards categories: the festival of causes

Get to know the Luum Awards categories: the festival of causes

On November 4, we will celebrate the second edition of the Luum Awards at the Hilton Convention Center in Geneva, Switzerland. The Luum Awards is the only festival that exclusively awards creative communications for social or environmental issues.

At the Luum Awards, creative agencies and communications companies can upload up to 4 entries free of entry costs, in a format where only winners pay award fees. It should also be noted that the festival only awards gold medals to the first-place winners in each subcategory, meaning that there are no silvers or bronzes for second or third place finishes.

Learn about the Luum categories:

  • Essence of the message: The Essence of the Message category recognizes works that, through their content, plant insights that inspire a better society. No matter the type of product, service or advertiser, the important thing is that the creative work transmits a message with a sense of solidarity, equity, respect for animals or one of the 11 subcategories that make up this category.
  • Human Rights: The Human Rights category highlights works that ensure the dissemination, education, respect and protection of human rights.
  • Planet: The Planet category highlights the best creative messages and actions that promote caring for the planet, from prevention to awareness.
  • Institutional Communications: NGO´s: The Institutional communication NGOs category highlights the internal and external institutional communication of NGOs. Additionally, it awards messages that seek to position or recognize the important work of this type of organization for society.
  • Designs for a better world: The Designs for a better world category rewards ideas that, in addition to fulfilling their communicative packaging or product purposes, contribute to a sustainable world.
  • Causes: The Causes category highlights the best creative works intended to achieve funding or support for causes.
  • Society: The Society category brings together all creative communications that seek to combat or prevent different societal problems, which unfortunately, are more common than we think.
  • Health and Wellness: The Health & Wellness category rewards creative communications that seek to demonstrate the importance of well-being and health in the development of a society. These educational, preventive and informative messages help us to understand even more the various challenges facing humanity, on the way to a healthier life.

This is our opportunity to prove that we are agents of change and that we are capable of much more than just great ideas for companies and advertisers.

Important Dates:

Registration and Case Uploading: June 3, 2022

Case Registration Closure: September 29, 2022

Award Ceremony: November 4, 2022

Agency registration and case-uploading can be done at