Nordlid and his Gold at Luum Awards with Harklinikken

Nordlid and his Gold at Luum Awards with Harklinikken

Thomas Christoffersen

You have managed to win gold at the two editions of the Luum Awards, a competition with big global players. Why do you think independent agencies have an ever-growing role in the creative industry?

I think there are benefits to working with both global and independent agencies. But one thing I really enjoy at Nordlid is that we define our own values, and we find that our values often match those of local clients. Also, we don’t have to make business decisions according to a set of arbitrary financial guidelines set by a management accountant in London, New York, Tokyo or Paris. If we want to make an investment, in eg. pro bono work, we are free to do so, and we often do!

What did you think of this new festival format, where only winners pay award rights?

This totally makes sense. You can’t help thinking this type of festival often turns in to a cash cow. And

when only winners pay, everyone – also minor independent agencies – have the chance to attend.

When you are independent, do you want to be big? How much do you want to grow?

Of course we want to grow. But to an extent where everyone still feels like they do an important job and are not easily replaceable. It is in the Nordlid DNA that we can talk to everyone in the office. Everyone in the office know each other, and the CEO is just a few desks away.

What makes Danish advertising different from advertising from the rest of Europe?

We are very well educated within idea-generation. I have judged a number of international award shows, and although we are a small country, our creative standards are very high. We integrate creative insights and costumer value into solving every brief.

And what makes Nordlid’s creativity different from that of other agencies?

At Nordlid we aim to make solutions which generate more than awareness. We work with creating customer value throughout the whole customer journey, from awareness to permission generation and ongoing 1:1 customer dialogue.

What is the insight that surprised you the most about the case, “It’s more than hair. It’s you,” with which you won gold at the 2022 Luum Awards?

When the brief landed and we were asked to promote the hair extract from Harklinikken, we were very surprised to learn how connected hair health is to women’s mental health. And most women don’t even talk about hair loss and hair treatment with their closest friends. It truly is more than hair.

In one word, how would you define Nordlid’s creativity?
Human centered.