Vachon orchestrates the heist of the century

Vachon orchestrates the heist of the century

Vachon introduces its new products Ah Louis and Passion Caramel!, a fusion between Ah Caramel! and Jos Louis and Ah Caramel! and Passion Flakie, respectively. Consumers voted these as their favourite Vachon duos in a 2020 campaign.

To showcase the new cakes, we drew inspiration from a real-life event in 2019 where three people managed to steal a shipment containing over 100 boxes of Jos Louis, only to be apprehended a few weeks later.

With a subtle mix of fact and fiction, Vachon staged a theft of their new Ah Louis and Passion Caramel! cakes and shared a video of the heist on social media. This generated a record engagement rate for the brand, with more than 3.5 million views and 230,000 interactions around the world.

“Vachon is no ordinary brand—it’s an icon that’s firmly anchored in pop culture here in Quebec. That’s why it made sense for us to give diehard fans an extraordinary experience, even one based on real events,” said Anne-Claude Chénier, Executive Creative Director at Cossette.

“Vachon is a beloved brand that stands out from the crowd and allows us to engage with our fans in an unusual way! Cossette allows us to push our limits every year.” added Maryna Shcherbyna, Senior Marketing Manager at Vachon.



Advertiser: Vachon (Bimbo Canada) – Maryna Shcherbyna, Mariève Lepage, Annick Rousseau, Lisa Pelham
Agency: Cossette
Creative: Anne-Claude Chénier, Patrick Michaud, Marc-André Vigneault, Jean-François Perreault, Éric Bouchard, Jean-François Thériault
Strategy: Jean-Xavier Wilhelmy, Octavie Albert, Sophie Giroux
Product: Sophie Couvrette, Rachel Demers, Laurence Campeau
Production agency: Septième
Broadcast production: Émilie Meunier, Catherine Dumas
Production house: Roméo & Fils
Director: William Fradette
Media agency: Starcom


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