VMLY&R COMMERCE strengthens its commercial offering with regional talent movement

VMLY&R COMMERCE strengthens its commercial offering with regional talent movement

VMLY&R COMMERCE, WPP’s end-to-end Creative Commerce company, with presence in 6 Latin American countries, has a robust network that allows the movement of talents among its wide group of agencies; thus, strengthening its management at a regional level. As it has already happened in other occasions, this time, talents from VMLY&R COMMERCE | Geometry Colombia are growing within the group’s offices in Mexico. This is part of the network’s ongoing commitment to expand its operations and strengthen its global presence.

Sandra Mejía, who started as General Production Director, was also Creative Director and finally one of the agency’s General Account Directors in Colombia; and Carlos Mendoza, who was an account executive at Geometry in Peru and then at VMLY&R COMMERCE | Geometry in Colombia, are now part of the VMLY&R COMMERCE Mexico account team where they will work alongside the agency’s global clients.

This movement of talent contributes to the diversity of perspectives within the network, while strengthening the corporate culture and improving processes at a regional level. Additionally, it increases the team’s commitment to the opportunities that belonging to the network represents. In this case, both have been part of the VMLY&R COMMERCE teams at the regional level for five years, where they have had the opportunity to grow and enhance their skills in communications, marketing, and advertising.

“Our great differential is and always will be our human talent, that is why in VMLY&R COMMERCE we make sure to build career plans without limits, where knowledge and experience can fly as high as to face challenges in new cultures and countries that allow them to challenge themselves and grow as global talents”: Santiago Cortés, CEO VMLY&R COMMERCE Mexico.

“Borders do not limit the development of talent. Taking advantage of the tools of this globalized context fosters the growth of our professionals and is one of the great opportunities that belonging to this network gives us,” says Camilo Afanador, CEO of VMLY&R COMMERCE | Geometry Colombia.

This is a benefit both for internal talent and for its clients since the expansion and movement of talent generates diversity within the company and strengthens its commercial and creative proposal; one of the main objectives of the network that seeks the benefit and growth of its professionals and its allies.