Alter do Chão, Brazil, a small ephemeral Paradise

Alter do Chão, Brazil, a small ephemeral Paradise

Alter do Chão is a village in the middle of the Amazonian region located about 38 km from the city of Santarém. It has beautiful beaches (including Alter do Chão beach) with white sands bathed by warm blue-green freshwater of Tapajós River. Exceptional place in Brazil due to its great scenic beauty.

The beaches show up between August and November during the River dry season. During this period, hotels and lodges receive many guests. In addition to the beaches, you can go tracking in the forest, rappelling, canoeing, sport fishing, swimming with porpoises, meet local communities and fill your baggage with handicrafts. In September, you can enjoy the traditional Sairé Festival which mixes religious, mythological and cultural elements.

Alter do Chão cuisine is a unique attraction which explores the great Amazonian spices. We recommend to try local fish dishes, cashew stroganoff and duck in tucupi sauce (broth made with manioc root), very popular in the North region of Brazil.

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