Havas Market launches new solution to measure and optimize brand presence across hybrid e-commerce platforms

Havas Market launches new solution to measure and optimize brand presence across hybrid e-commerce platforms

Paris – Havas Market, Havas Media Network’s full-service e-commerce offering, is introducing “Digital Shelf Analytics,” a new solution to optimize brands’ presence on ‘drive through’ retail platforms. Drive through platforms – a hybrid e-commerce system where consumers can order groceries and products online and pick them up at a designated location – are growing in popularity as consumers look for convenient and efficient shopping experiences.

Havas Market is among the first in the industry to assist fast-moving consumer goods brands in the development and optimization of their presence on drive-through platforms. The Digital Shelf Analytics tool collects data daily from the drive through platforms’ ‘digital shelf’ – the diverse digital touch points of where shoppers engage with brands and discover, research, and purchase products. The tool identifies growth initiatives on these platforms, giving brands data-powered insights to ensure their products’ presence is optimized on drive-through websites. The tool will initially support data from drive-through platforms in France, with plans to expand coverage globally.

With the support of Digital Shelf Analytics, brands selling their products on drive-through platforms including Leclerc Drive, Auchan Drive, Intermarché Drive, and Carrefour Drive can access data across their customers’ experience, providing insights to increase product visibility, optimize retail supply chains and pricing strategy, improve content quality, and increase the ROI of retail media advertising campaigns.

Digital Shelf Analytics will complement Havas Market’s existing tech stack of proprietary tools:

  • Havas Market Retail Insights: Benchmarks clients performance vs. competition (both brands & resellers) with regards to visibility, organic & paid share of shelf, reviews, pricing, and buy box win rate across +120 Marketplaces worldwide.
  • Havas Market Forecast: Assesses potential for e-commerce growth, leveraging comprehensive macro & micro analysis of category, competition, brand, and product.
  • Havas Market Retail Analytics: Business Intelligence solution connecting media metrics with e-retailer data, including business, operations, advertising, and user reviews.

Taken from: https://havasmedianetwork.com/havas-market-launches-new-solution-to-measure-and-optimize-brand-presence-across-hybrid-e-commerce-platforms/