Have unforgettable experiences

Have unforgettable experiences

With its unique cuisine, rich culture, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, breathtaking waterfalls, and adventure for everyone’s liking, all you have to do is choose the perfect type of tourism for you and be amazed by the wonders of Brazil.

Home to beautiful landscapes and endless natural resources all over its territory, Brazil is one of the best ecotourism destinations in the world. The amount of activities available for visitors is impressive, including wildlife and nature observation, hiking, sports fishing, horseback riding, cave visits, and much more. Enjoy everything Brazil has to offer.

Porto Seguro (or just Porto) is famous for its beautiful beaches, remarkable cuisine and incredible leisure centers. The destination is much more than that, though. Those who love contact with nature will find an ecotourism haven.

It comes with no surprise that the state of Bahia is one of the richest in natural beauties and a true haven for ecotourism. In the city of Porto Seguro, it is no different. Have you ever pictured yourself watching whales in their natural habitat? In Porto Seguro, you can. The adventure begins with an informative talk about whales and safety procedures to be followed on board.

All practices are applied according to sighting standards to make sure the animals’ wellbeing is preserved. Depending on the ocean’s conditions, there is a possibility of hearing the singing of the whales, which makes this experience even more magical. It is very important to know that the whale-watching season occurs during the months of July and October. It is undoubtedly an amazing way to make special memories!

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