Intergraf announces winners of young talent award 2023

Intergraf announces winners of young talent award 2023

The Intergraf Young Talent Award was established in 2017 to provide a platform for the voices of the next generation of print professionals. Each year, our esteemed panel of experts selects one exceptional submission that showcases innovative ideas and creative solutions. While only one first-place winner can be selected, all submissions hold immense value and should be consulted by everyone with an interest in the future of print, not just employers in the graphical sector.

As the print industry continues to evolve, it is essential to listen to the expectations of young people and foster their ideas. At Intergraf, we are dedicated to encouraging innovative thinking and ensuring that print remains attractive to future generations. This year’s focus was digitalisation, which is among the top priorities on the EU agenda. Candidates were invited to respond to the following question: What is print’s place in a digital world?

The first-place winner of Intergraf’s Young Talent Award 2023, Manon Lassaigne pointed out: “Printing has a bright future ahead of it, despite the impact digitalization has on our lives. Its authenticity and concrete nature remain an asset in learning and memorization. Printing also complements digitalization and is advantageous in brand strategy. Despite younger generations’ interest in new technologies, printing is still an essential element of communication for them. The complementarity and synergy of printing and digitalization promise companies positive results in achieving their objectives.”

This year’s second-place winner, Loïc Voisin stated: “Print remains a powerful and timeless medium in our digital world, valued for its reliability, accessibility, and ease of use. Printed advertising and marketing materials are important tools for engaging with target audiences and can be enhanced with digital technologies. Traditional printing companies have a responsibility to minimize their environmental impact and prioritize sustainability. As technology evolves, print materials will likely continue to play a key role in our lives, and responsible practices in the printing industry must be prioritized.”

The winner of third place, Mário Mendes Alexandre, highlighted: “Print media still has an important place in the digital age, providing tangible and trustworthy information and reaching demographics that digital media cannot. While not as widely used as before, it still has value and will continue to have a place in the world. New technologies, such as printed electronics, show promising results for the print industry, which will continue to adapt to our ever-changing world.”

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