McCann Health Brazil, Winner from the Saniss Awards in Madrid

McCann Health Brazil, Winner from the Saniss Awards in Madrid

Alessandra Gomes ECD at McCann Health Brazil

Brazil was a major player in the first edition of the Saniss Awards, the new global festival that awards health and wellness campaigns. McCann Health Brazil ranked within the top 10. How did the agency manage to become an independent industry leader?

McCann Health Brazil has established itself as a leader in the industry, thanks to a strategic combination of factors that leveraged the use of technology and data in the creative process. The agency focused on developing innovative and impactful campaigns that address health and well-being issues while being attentive to the audience’s perspective and real needs. Furthermore, we invested in talent retention, bringing together a group of creative leaders with almost a decade of collaborative experience, comprising experienced professionals from the healthcare field and creative strategists. This blend of expertise, creativity, and health focus allowed McCann Health Brazil to stand out as a leader in the regional market.

The case “Mother’s Milk” has the potential to be an exportable case. What was the international scope of this action?

The “Breast Milk” case has significant potential to be a successful export example. It precisely revolves around the perspective of addressing the needs of others. The campaign addresses a common issue that affects a large number of mothers, especially those with busy work routines or in socially vulnerable situations, as seen in countries with lower economic development.

Moreover, the campaign could benefit from strategic partnerships with international health and well-being organizations to expand the reach and global impact of the initiative. These partnerships would be crucial in ensuring that breast milk reaches premature infants worldwide, saving precious lives.

How receptive are laboratories to lateral and disruptive actions in a category as demanding as health?

The receptivity of laboratories to lateral and disruptive actions in the healthcare industry varies. However, the landscape is constantly evolving, and as innovation becomes more crucial for success, many laboratories are gradually becoming more open to embracing these disruptive approaches that can indeed make a difference in patients’ lives.

Do you have doctors and scientists within the agency’s staff? 

Yes, no doubt. Our team is made up of multidisciplinary teams that include doctors, journalists, specialists in health data and other professionals who can support us in the creative process for more effective communication with our clients’ audiences.

What expectations do you have for AI in health communication?

We are keenly aware of how artificial intelligence (AI) is impacting healthcare communication and marketing, and how it can contribute to transforming the way patients access information, interact with healthcare providers and help manage the health of people. It is a great revolution that is taking place and we cannot lose sight of it. Today, many of the tools that already use AI have streamlined the creative process, allowing professionals in the field to focus on more tasks of more strategic and creative relevance than basically repetitive operational actions.