Pharma Marketing in a Hybrid World

Pharma Marketing in a Hybrid World

Watch the full session of “Conversations in Health: Pharma Marketing in a Hybrid World” above.

Recognizing that they have lagged behind companies in other industries in deploying digital channels in engaging with customers, companies in the pharmaceutical industry have made a concerted effort over the past three year to remedy this gap. For its Conversation in Health series, Ogilvy brought together four marketing leaders to discuss how these efforts are progressing.

Our guests included Jay Appel, Executive Director and Worldwide Digital Engagement and Channel Planning at BMC; Sierra Towers, Global Head of Omnichannel Excellence with Boehringer Ingelheim; Florent Eduard, SVP, Global Head of Commercial Excellence from Grunenthal Group and Michelle Kelly, Merck’s VP, Global Head, Digital Marketing and Commercial Excellence.