TBWA’s Ukraine Response

TBWA’s Ukraine Response

We stand in solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues and their loved ones who are feeling the direct impact of this devastating war.

TBWA will be making donations to three organizations that provide support for Ukrainians seeking refuge as well as relief in Ukraine: The International Rescue CommitteeThe International Committee of the Red Cross and RAZOM for Ukraine.

The International Rescue Committee has a long history of providing resources to refugees fleeing countries facing humanitarian crises. With over 1.5 million refugees leaving Ukraine in just over one week, their work is more critical than ever. They are on the ground in Poland supporting displaced families and children with vital supplies and emergency support care.

The International Committee of the Red Cross is providing humanitarian aid and medical support in Ukraine, helping more than 3 million people access clean water, medical care, and improving the living conditions of those whose homes have been damaged by heavy fighting.

RAZOM For Ukraine was formed in 2014 to create projects that unlock Ukraine’s potential and build toward a more prosperous, democratic nation. Today they are fully focused on the most urgent needs on the ground in Ukraine, tactical medical supplies and equipment for Ukrainian hospitals. Direct donation link HERE.

We are in constant contact with our Ukrainian-based agency leaders and those in adjoining countries who are affected by this crisis, and will continue to offer assistance, with our number one priority being the safety and well-being of our people.

In times of crisis, we look to the strength of our collective and Omnicom partners to support our people, their loved ones, and our clients and partners who may be at risk. As the situation in Ukraine worsens, we are thankful that all of our TBWA colleagues remain physically safe. Many have been aided by our colleagues in Poland, Slovakia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and neighboring countries. We are taking every possible action to ensure that their essential needs are being met under rapidly changing circumstances.

Our agencies in Europe and around the world are supporting the relief efforts in various ways, financially, by giving supplies, assisting with translation services, transportation and more. And last week, the first of four Omnicom-chartered trains from neighboring countries took supplies into Ukraine and brought people out.

If you are in a position to donate, we encourage you to contribute to the above organizations or to help with relief efforts originating in your country.

Taken from: https://tbwa.com/news/tbwas-ukraine-response