WINA Festival launches a challenging brief for promising youth

WINA Festival launches a challenging brief for promising youth

This week, WINA Festival opened the second edition of a category that rewards promising young talent in global advertising. In addition to a different subject matter, and a new name –WinATalent – several changes are accompanying this release.

The participants will work on countering what has become a complicated issue these days: Fake News, for Tomilli is a trend and news portal aimed at the marketing and advertising sector with a wide audience reach in 4 regions
(Asia, Europe, Latin America, USA / Canada).

This creative/strategic proposal will reward the best works in two categories, which will be judged by 8 international judges’ panels:

• WINATALENT: For professionals up to 30 years old from independent and multinational agencies. Independent professionals from within the same age range may also participate.
• WINATALENT Jr: For undergraduate, graduate, diploma and creative school students.
• For this edition, participants will also be able to submit their case for the new IMPACT subcategory, which will award the work with the greatest number of interactions on social media.

Submit your work between March 15 and May 11.

Download the informational brief and show your talent to the world!

Link to brief: